The Book!

After many years in the making, Apple Island Wife has been accepted for publishing by Unbound, a major crowdfunding publisher based in central London.

This is good, because many people who read the original Apple Island Wife blog, our story about coming to live in Tasmania, believed the book to be a thing of insubstantial whimsy and rumour, and thought it would never see the light of day. Me too!

But as of June 2017, Unbound will launch a crowdfunding campaign and let readers decide whether Apple Island Wife the book is finally published.

Established a few years ago by three writers who believed publishers were leaving vast reams of writing and writers unpublished when they were producing perfectly good material which deserved a readership, Unbound now has approximately thirty staff based in central London, a list of over 250 published books including prize winners and best sellers, and is changing the face of publishing. I’m thrilled and proud to be working with them.

As long as I hit our modest crowdfunding target, Unbound will publish Apple Island Wife in paperback and digital form, globally.

The paperback will be available in the United Kingdom in selected bookshops a few short months after the end of the campaign, and in Australia shortly after that.

Not long to wait now!

To pledge your support, pre-order copies, and generally read more and get more of the Apple Island Wifely love, please visit the Unbound website where my campaign will be up and running shortly!