About the Wife

Apple Island Wife is a blog about living in Tasmania

It’s about being a writer, a wife and a mother, and helping your husband run a small farm and food business, when you did an Arts degree back in the day and thought you’d always live in London.

Apple Island Wife Fiona Stocker
Apple Island Wife Fiona Stocker

It’s a little bit about our family’s life on five acres in the beautiful West Tamar valley, heaven on earth, running a small rare breed pig farm. Sometimes it gets a bit feral.

It’s about the business of writing, making a living from it and getting published (or publishing oneself).

And it’s about the place I’ve come to love – Tasmania, a food haven of international repute. The state is replete with food producers, home cooks, superb chefs and people making, eating and sharing food of the highest quality. Sometimes I write stories about them, for the blog, or freelance for magazines.


‘They say pigs are intelligent, and this one certainly knows good literature when she hears it,’ said the author and Pulitzer prize winner from her ranch in Glengarry, Tasmania.


A wife is a wonderful thing.

If I was going to marry again, and give my husband something to think about, I’d want a wife. We are marvellous. We’re multi-tasking, capable, and often the pivotal point of our household.

Remember, children are for life, not just for Christmas.

As a wife, I do many things – I raise my children and counsel my husband in business and matters of the heart, I keep us all clothed and fed, I’m occasionally humorous and I can find my way to the drinks tray unassisted at four o-clock. When I have time, I try to do my own thing – writing creative and business content for myself and my clients.

We live on five acres and raise Berkshire pigs. My husband raises them for the most part, I stick to raising the children and pouring the gin. When he’s done growing them on in free range pens and giving them a happy life, he makes them into delicious sausages and bacon which we sell at the award winning Harvest Launceston farmers’ market.

When not wrangling my husband, the pigs or my children, I can be found at my desk, writing, for myself and for clients. I decided to write at the age of sixteen when Mr Warnett, my English teacher, encouraged me to. It took me a long time to get there and many years of sitting in an ivory tower.

I’ve been many things in the world of work, none of them terribly rewarding. So now I’m delighted to be here, in rural Tasmania, a writer, mother, wife and partner with my husband at Langdale Farm.


Portrait of the Artist Without Hair Straighteners

You can find more about my writing and editing services on my business website.

Someday soon, hopefully before I’m living in a caravan park in Queensland and spending my days lawn bowling, you may be able to read Apple Island Wife the book! The story of our coming to Tasmania, it’s done the rounds of publishers and had a literary agent. They’ve all loved it, said it’s funny, and that I can definitely write. But none of them have offered a contract, the bastards. So now I’ve wrested it back from them and we’re looking at crowdfunding, to get it some attention, and self-publishing. I’m checking out Unbound in the UK and Patreon, and will be posting updates as we go.

Seize the day! Because nobody else has seized it for me.

Catch me on social media. My favourite is Instagram, and you’ll find me on Twitter after a glass of Pinot Noir on Friday at 4 o’clock, mostly on Bear Ghrylls’ account asking when I can go on The Island and be in charge of hunting. None of that ‘yams for dinner’ shit on my watch, thanks. I’m also on Facebook.

Most importantly, I hope you’ll read this blog, and leave me some comments! Happy browsing.

Fiona Stocker, Apple Island Wife

Image: Scott Gelston