I’m forsaking WordPress! And going back to my first love, Weebly

Once in a while, things don’t work out. It’s like that between me and WordPress. It’s like that boyfriend you have in your mid-twenties when you think you know what you want, but don’t really. He’s good looking, affable, popular with other guys and liked by your girlfriends. But his manners leave a bit to be required. You don’t have that much in common. And he just doesn’t really get you.

The best course of action is to finish it before you’re in too deep.

I’ve always found WordPress to be inexcusably clunky. I can’t figure out what I want to do on it without scouring the web for instructions.

Weebly, on the other hand, is lovely. Like the man you meet in your early twenties, the one you should have hung onto, the one that slips away all too easily because you don’t realise what you’ve got. He’s easy to use and he looks beautiful. And generally he does what you want him to without too much fuss.

So I’m ditching WordPress. Yes, I’m sending the Daniel Day-Lewis fax of death to Isabelle Adjani, I’m tapping out the dumping-you text that my daughter’s teenage friend received from her teenage ‘boyfriend’ recently. She didn’t actually talk to him very much but they were said to be ‘dating’.

I’m going back to my first love and slipping between the cool cotton high-thread-count sheets with Weebly once more. If you’d like to follow me, hop on over to my website, where you’ll find the new Apple Island Wife blog. I’ll be moving my favourite blog posts over there too so it doesn’t look too much like an empty room just abandoned by torn-apart lovers.


Don’t forget to hit the ‘subscribe’ button in the right hand column, and you’ll hear from me once I’ve worked out how to use it!

See you there.

And goodbye WordPress. Don’t call me anymore. Move on. I have.

One thought on “I’m forsaking WordPress! And going back to my first love, Weebly

  1. Just don’t catch gayness of which a lot is going around or you will have a real dilemma on your hands.

    What the name for the new effort? Is it time for a change?




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