Tune in! Apple Island Wife is on the radio

If you’re an RN listener (or Radio National for those of us who can’t keep up with the acronyms), keep an ear out for me on RN Country Breakfast – it’s on right now! And I’m talking to Laurissa Smith all about hobby farming, alpacas and pigs, the adventures of moving to country Tasmania and starting all over again, on a hunch – and crowdfunding the book about it all!

Unbound publishers

Plus just a quick hint that this weekend’s a great time to pledge support for the book, pre-order a copy and make sure it gets published, as my publisher Unbound is offering 10% off all pledges for this weekend only! You get the glory of your name in the front as a supporter, a first edition book and ebook, and the satisfaction of having supported an author and helped her on the road to publication – thank you!

It’s a bank weekend in the United Kingdom, it’s summer, and this makes them all go a little crazy. So take advantage!

If you’re in Tasmania, look out for the Tassie Special paperback – they’re delivered through me and I get them to you, so this gets the cost of the postage down.

Follow the link, visit the Apple Island Wife page – there’s more about the book, an excerpt to read, and the video, in which Oliver and I adopt different versions of Tasmania’s national dress in order to fit in.

Visit now and happy pledging!

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